Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety is and will always be our No.1 concern here at LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Transportation. Our goal is to provide our passengers with a safe and comfortable ride. Since we are also in the business of building limousines, we understand both sides of the business and do not cut any corners when it comes to quality and safety.

We require each chauffeur to perform a safety inspection of their vehicle prior to each and every run. A vehicle checklist form is filled out prior to every run which also covers the emergency equipment to make sure it is in place and ready for use. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a fire extinguisher that is checked regularly.

legrande affaire safety policy

1. Pre-Trip Inspection

A pre-trip inspection is required before each trip to find problems that could cause a collision or a breakdown. (See attached vehicle checklist) Also, federal and state laws require an inspection by the driver. Federal and state inspectors also inspect our commercial vehicles annually along with the CHP and we always pass the inspections with flying colors. Any vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe is immediately “red tagged” and placed out of service until it has been properly repaired. In the event there is any potential risk of safety, the vehicle is switched out with one of our back up vehicles.

2. Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is performed by our staff of ASE certified mechanics every 3,000 miles or every 30 days, whichever comes first. They also perform a 168 point inspection each month on all vehicles to determine that every vehicle is kept in “top-notch” electronic/mechanical condition and reassuring safety standards. (See attached Inspection Report) On Monday and Fridays the fleet is checked for proper fluid levels, electrical condition and all lighting, engine belts hoses and clamps condition, along with tire condition and tire pressure. (See attached check sheets).

3. Professionally Trained Team

A team of professional detailers perform their duties according to a specified daily detailing schedule. The entire fleet is detailed bumper to bumper on a weekly basis including a complete waxing of the exteriors and shampooing and conditioning the interiors, as well as daily washings and detailing as necessary. Every vehicle will always be in “showroom” condition.

4. Highly Trained Chauffeurs

Our Chauffeurs undergo extensive interviewing, classroom training and testing, along with a minimum of 36 hours of comprehensive behind-the-wheel training. Additionally, a complete reference check is made on their driving record to ensure there have been no violations, arrests or convictions along with a reference check on work ethic, attitude and professionalism.

5. DMV Pull Program

LeGrande Affaire is enrolled in the DMV Pull Program which keeps up with the monitoring of proper licensing in accordance with the PUC and DMV. In the event that there is any activity on a chauffeurs driving record, we are notified immediately to address and correct the issue.

6. Mandatory Drug Testing

All Chauffeurs employed by LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation are subject to random drug testing. Every year, 50% of our staff is randomly selected.

7. Commitment to Safety

We are committed to providing you with the best chauffeurs in the industry. An on-going training program is in effect along with motivational programs geared at keeping the level of service offered to our clients clearly focused, professional, safe and absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction.