32 Passenger 40\' GMC 5500 (Nightclub on Wheels!)

This is the Ultimate Land Yacht! A spacious upright vehicle, with a white exterior and phenomenal custom exterior graphics. It has large tinted windows on each side. The interior of the vehicle features stainless steel throughout with brand new black and gray two-tone ruffled leather sofas, a stand-up corner bar along with 3 other mini bars are built into the back of the seats. The mini bars have an option to be conveniently hidden by replacing the seat back. There is a large 42" wide-screen plasma television located in the rear of the coach, a 20” flat screen monitor located in the front corner bar area behind the driver, a 7” monitor in the restroom and (4) four 7” monitors in the center of the vehicle on the poles, ipod docking station, DVD/MP3/CD players and Dolby Surround Sound (which is an awesome stereo system), strobe lights, neon lights, laser light show and fiber optics embedded in the stainless steel and throughout the coach plus a limo-touch control panel for adjusting the interior effects to your particular liking conveniently located on top of the corner bar. Ice coolers, wine coolers, acrylic glass holders and champagne holders compliment each bar. The vehicle also features a fully functional restroom with stainless steel throughout and a sink with running water which is also included. It has a fabulous air-conditioning system. Vehicle features a slab floor! This vehicle is designed like a nightclub on wheels! Seats 32