LeGrande Affaire Mechanic’s Job Description

LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. has developed a reputation of having the most well maintained vehicles, both mechanically and aesthetically, in the limousine industry, and continues to set the standard for excellence. The fleet is comprised of late model luxury limousines, executive sedans and many specialty vehicles. The main responsibility of the mechanical staff is to assure that all of the vehicles in the fleet are maintained in proper electro/mechanical and safety standards. To assure that this is always the standard, a detailed preventative maintenance schedule is outlined and must be adhered to and documented. The mechanical staff is also responsible for the repair of vehicles that breakdown and for monitoring the history, in established maintenance logs, of all repairs and maintenance performed, on all vehicles in the fleet. The mechanic must be ASE certified, posses General Motors product knowledge and fundamental mechanical skills. It is highly recommended that on going educational programs are attended to stay current with technological improvements and changes.





Mechanics will report to the shop foreman.


The primary duty of the mechanic is to perform maintenance on the vehicles as detailed in the “Mechanic’s Daily Duties Priority Schedule”. It is imperative that this schedule be maintained at all times to assure that the fleet is always in proper repair.


Maintain the preventative maintenance schedule for every vehicle in the fleet. Routine oil changes, tire rotation, fluid changes, battery inspections, electrical system testing, brake inspections and replacement etc. must be performed as detailed on the maintenance log sheets. The log sheets must be completely filled in with accurate information as the maintenance is performed and submitted to the operations department. The preventative maintenance schedule must never fall behind schedule.


Maintain service repair orders on each vehicle accurately, to be able to track comebacks on service that has been performed. Use appropriate paperwork.




Responsible for repair of any and all electro/mechanical breakdowns. All problems are reported immediately and logged on the mechanics service board by the chauffeurs. The shop foreman and operations department will prioritize and delegate the repairs to the mechanic.


Mechanics are required to maintain all electro/mechanical equipment in all the limousines in proper working condition at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, solid & glass partitions, TV’s, VCR’s, air conditioning units, stereo’s, lighting, power windows, intercom systems, door locking mechanisms etc. Every vehicle must be in 100% functional status at all times when it is dispatched for service.


The mechanic must possess good diagnostic and repair capabilities. All repairs must address the problem and not the symptom. Mechanics are responsible for off-site repairs of equipment that they have not properly repaired. If a mechanic chooses to take short cuts which results in the breakdown of a vehicle while it is in service, the mechanic who performed the repairs will be responsible for repair of the vehicle, when it occurs, regardless of time of day or if they are on rotation or on-call. Continued repairs, for the same problem, which address the symptom and not the problem, is not the approach that LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. chooses to operate under. This type of repair technique will not be tolerated and will be grounds for termination.


The mechanic is required to have fundamental knowledge of shop equipment, such as, but not limited to, brake lathe equipment, hoists, air conditioning recovery and charging equipment, electrical test equipment, diagnostic equipment etc. They must maintain the equipment in a clean and functional state at all times.


Clean up of the mechanic work area begins daily at 4:45 PM. The working facility must be maintained in a clean, safe manner at all times. Oil spills, fluids and all debris must be cleaned immediately. Safety is a number one concern, any and all considerations to keep the shop in proper, safe, clean and organized condition must be exercised at all times. Proper support equipment must be in place at all times the vehicle is being serviced. A dirty, unsafe, unorganized shop will not be tolerated. Shop clean up starts at 4:45 PM daily and the entire mechanical service area is to be organized and cleaned thoroughly. All vehicles which are to continue having repairs overnight must be properly supported and any part must be secured.


The mechanic is responsible for emergency repairs of all vehicles on a 24 hour basis. This includes on site and off site repairs. In the event that a vehicle breaks down while it is in service, the mechanic is responsible to work with operations to try and resolve the problem and if necessary, go to the vehicle to perform repairs. It is highly recommended that a emergency tool kit be maintained at all times, in the event of an off site repair.


The mechanic is required to provided their own tools and tool box. All tools must be put away and secured at the end of their shift. LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. does not assume any liability for the mechanics tools.




The following procedures are established and must be maintained to assure a proper paper trail is created.

Before ordering parts the mechanic must:

 Check the service log to see when the part was last changed. If the part was changed during the warranty period, make note of the date and the manufacturer.

 Part must be ordered from a vendor that we have a bill account status established.

 If the parts that are ordered are under warranty, be sure to ask for and get a credit receipt for the part.

 A check request form must be filled out and submitted to the operations department for all parts that are ordered that will require payment upon delivery.

 When a part is received, the date the part was previously replaced must be written on the invoice. If the part has never been replace, “never replaced” must be written on the invoice. The vehicle number and mileage must be written on the invoice.

 All invoices must be turned into operations daily at the end of the day with all the accurate information written on the invoices.

 All service maintenance forms, for service that was completed, must be turned in to operations at the end of each day.  These forms must be punched in and out accurately.




The normal work week is Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM. There is a Saturday rotation schedule that will vary depending on the number of mechanics. The hours for Saturday rotation are from 8AM until 12PM. There is a weekend on-call rotation schedule that will vary depending on the number of mechanics. The weekend on-call rotation is for emergency repairs only. The mechanic will need to be readily available in the event of a vehicle breakdown and will be provided with a cellular phone for the weekend they are on call. The mechanic must respond immediately when on-call.



A one (1) hour lunch break, from 12PM-1PM and two (2) ten (10) minute breaks, one (1) in the morning at 10AM and one (1) in the afternoon, at 3PM during all eight (8) hour work days.




There are two (2) pay periods within a month, from the 1st day of the month through the 15th day of the month and from the 16th day of the month through to the last day of each respective month. Payroll calculations are based on these time frames and pay day falls on the seventh (7th) day after the end of each pay period. Checks are distributed at 3PM on the 7th day. The only exception is that if the 7th day falls on Saturday or Sunday, pay day will carry over to Monday at 3PM.


The initial rate of pay shall be an hourly rate  of $     ­­­­ per hour, payable during the normal pay periods as outlined above. There will be a performance evaluation after 90 days of employment whereas the rate of pay may be adjusted according to performance review.




All new employees are placed on a 90 day introductory period. During this period, the employee will be instructed and familiarized with company protocol regarding policy, equipment, paper work flow procedures, operational procedures, industry overview, with all necessary job training and related functions along with various industry specific information. On the 91st day of employment the employee is eligible for a performance evaluation. Comprehension, capability, compliance with company policy, ability to advance along with all other job related concerns will be determined during this evaluation. Performance evaluations will be scheduled to take place annually, after the initial evaluation. Additional evaluations may take place for advancement, disciplinary, performance monitoring, or any other purpose deemed necessary by management. LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. reserves the right to terminate employment opportunity immediately with any employee which displays disregard for, or poses a threat to, company personnel or equipment. Additionally and foremost, failure to comply with company policy shall be grounds for immediate termination.




Upon completing the 90 day introductory period, the full time employee will automatically be added to the company’s current health plan, which includes, health, dental, and vision at no cost to the employee. Additional family members and dependents can be added and will be at an additional cost to the employee for which the employee authorizes LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. to deduct the cost  for the dependent(s) from their paycheck.





The following schedule is the standard vacation plan that is offered, for full time employees, by LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. starting with the first year anniversary. Any variation to the vacation plan must be approved by management. A request for vacation must be submitted on a time off request form at least two weeks in advance. It is recommended that a vacation time off request be submitted as far in advance as possible.

One (1) week paid vacation after one (1) year anniversary of employment.

Two (2) weeks paid vacation after a two (2) year anniversary of employment.

Two (2) weeks paid vacation per year thereafter.

Vacation does not accrue until after the (1) one year anniversary date.




Uniforms are provided by LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. Mechanics are required to be in uniform at all times during their normal work shift. Due to the large volume of foot traffic, customers, vendors and other individuals, it is extremely important that the mechanics maintain a clean, professional appearance at all times. It is highly recommended that extra uniforms be kept available at all times in the event that you become heavily soiled and would need to perform maintenance or repairs on the inside of a vehicle.  See attached uniform agreement for return policy.





The ideal mechanic is an individual who possesses excellent diagnostic and repair skills. Has a good sense of priorities with repairs that are necessary to be performed. Performs their duties in a expedient and professional manner. Has a good selection of professional tools and equipment. Does not perform repairs in a manner that addresses the symptom only, but actually resolves the problem. Arrives to work on time. Is always on schedule with the preventative maintenance program. Maintains their work area, tools and shop equipment in a clean and functional manner. Adheres to company policy. Focuses on developing procedures to improve work flow and maximize results. Follows direction well and uses the chain of command. Is capable of working well with fellow employees and management. Is aware of all supplies and maintains supplies at proper levels. Is truly concerned with the mechanical and safety conditions of the vehicles to assure that every vehicle is at 100% repair when it is dispatched. Attends monthly company meetings. Participates in the development of mechanical/service department for anticipated growth. Aspires to be the best that they can possibly be in the duties. Is reliable and capable of working unsupervised. Looks for methods to keep repair costs down and relationships with vendors positive. Never performs repairs just part way, but actually completes all repairs 100%. Maintains maintenance logs accurately and neatly. Aspires to professional growth.


Due to the nature and responsibility of the position, this job description, functions and duties are subject to modification as necessary as the position evolves.



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to and have received a copy of this job description.



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