LeGrande Affaire Office Administrator Position



This position reports directly to the General Manager.  This person’s main function is to see that the overall office is running smoothly.  This person should evaluate current processes and look for ways to better improve them.  Specific job responsibilities are listed below.



Entry and Reports for Chauffeur Commissions for Payroll:  Employee is responsible for entering all commissions for the Chauffeurs and running the reports for payroll.


Corporate Billing Entry, Reports and Invoicing: Employee is responsible for processing all billing for Corporate accounts.  They are to run reports to track unbilled Corporate contracts. The Office Administrator is responsible for submitting a weekly report to the General Manager every Friday on Past due accounts and for making sure all accounts are current.


Accounts Receivable & Payable:  Employee is responsible for collecting & posting past due receivables.  Employee will also post payments received.  He or she must account for all of the Accounts Payable in a timely fashion. Employee will also be responsible for credit card disputes.  They must respond in writing via fax and mail in the appropriate time frame.


Customer Service: Customer service concerns will fall under the jurisdiction of the Office Administrator. A process to address all issues is in place and it will be the responsibility of the manager to refine and utilize the processes as customer service issues arise. It is the responsibility of the Office Administrator to oversee the Administrative Assistant with all current and ongoing Customer Service issues.  Complete customer satisfaction is a standard of LEGRANDE AFFAIRE Limousine Service, Inc. Every action to assure that it is the case must be taken at all times, without exception. The Administrative Assistant will evaluate each issue on a per case basis, research and document the facts, determine the area at fault present the facts and advise the Office Administrator as to the cause, fault and recommended action. Once all facts have been gathered, the Administrative Assistant will attempt to resolve the situation with the Office Administrator. If resolution cannot be made, the Administrative Assistant will take the issue to the General Manager.  Customer service is a very important concern and needs to be evaluated and refined to reflect our commitment to absolute satisfaction and quality.


Payroll: The Office Administrator is responsible for the payroll of all employees.  The employees of LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. are paid on the 7th and 22nd of each month at 3:00 PM.  He or she must accurately complete all payroll so that it can be distributed by this date and time.


Misc. Correspondence for the General Manager:  From time to time the General Manager will ask employee for miscellaneous contracts, letters, etc. to be typed for him.


Back-Up for Administrative Assistant:  Employee will be required to cover the Administrative Assistant s duties in the case of their absence.  Employee must be fully trained on all of the Administrative Assistant’s responsibilities.


The Safe: Employee is responsible for counting the safe three (3) times per week and accurately accounting for all paperwork, credit cards slips, cash, and checks.  This is to be performed with the Vice President of Operations. Two people must verify all contents of the safe at all times.


Bank Deposits: Employee will be responsible for making all Bank Deposits upon request of the General Manager.


Back-Up for Credit Card Processing:  Employee will be responsible for processing the credit card charges in the event that the Administrative Assistant is not able to do so.


Supervisor of Receptionist and Administrative Assistant:  Employee will be the direct supervisor of the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant.  They will be responsible for tracking both the Receptionist, and the Administrative Assistant’s absences, tardies and work ethic. Employee will also be responsible for assisting the Human Resource Manager with the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant’s Performance Reviews.



LeGrande Affaire is open from 7:30am to 11:00pm Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 11:00pm on Saturdays, and 9:00am to 9:00pm on Sundays.  The employee’s schedule will be from 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday with 45 minutes of lunchtime and two paid ten (10) minute breaks.  Some hours outside of this schedule may be required.


Company meetings are held at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month and attendance is highly recommended.  There is a considerable amount of valuable information that is exchanged during these meetings which is beneficial.  These meetings keep you abreast of upcoming and ongoing events and the direction of the company.  Group participation is very important for the continued growth of LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service. Inc. and for all the employees.  Everyone who participates in the meetings has the opportunity to receive and contribute information, which helps to make us a stronger team.  Additionally, it is an opportunity to get to know employees from other departments that you have limited or occasional contact with during a normal workday.


Employee will be paid a monthly salary of $ _____ for the first three months then $ ______ for months 4 through 12.



All new employees are put on a 90-day probationary period.  After the 91st day of employment, the employee is eligible for a performance evaluation.  Continued evaluations will occur every year on the anniversary of the hire date, unless otherwise deemed necessary.



All employees are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times while on LeGrande Affaire property.  Clothing which is found to be distracting, or less than desirable, such as t-shirts, pants with holes, clothing that has racial or offensive slogans, clothing which is revealing or any other objectionable form of clothing that does not present a professional appearance is not acceptable.  If an employee arrives to work wearing clothing that is not acceptable, they will be required to change into acceptable clothing before their workday begins.  Casual clothing that is professional and clean in appearance is required.  Suit and tie for men or business dress for women is preferred and highly recommended.



Medical, Dental & Vision:  Medical, Dental & Vision benefits are offered to the employee starting the first day of the month following the completion of their 90 days.  The employee may opt to join LeGrande Affaire’s current medical plan.  This is paid 100% by LeGrande Affaire for the employee only.  You may add family members at an additional cost, which you authorize LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. to deduct from your paycheck.  In order to add a spouse or children to the medical insurance, you, the employee, must be enrolled.


Supplemental Accident Insurance:  The employee may opt to enroll in LeGrande Affaire’s supplemental accident insurance after completion of their 90 days.  LeGrande Affaire does not pay for this benefit.


Vacation:  1 week paid vacation after completion of one year of employment.  2 weeks paid vacation annually after completion of the employee’s second year of employment.  A request for vacation must be submitted on a time off request form at least two weeks in advance.  It is recommended that a vacation time off request be submitted as far in advance as possible.


Holidays:  LeGrande Affaire provides paid time off for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day


This Job Description supersedes any and all other previously written and distributed, prior to the date of this instrument.