LeGrande Affaire Operations Assistant Position



  1. The Asst. Operations manager is responsible for a staff of 90-120 personnel including all chauffeurs. The Asst. Operations manager will be responsible for the mechanics and detailers in the absence of the operations manager.
  2. The Asst. Operations Manager reports directly to the Operations Manager.
  3. Excellent communication skills are mandatory with the General Manager, the V.P. of Operations, Operations Manager, V.P. of Business Development, the customer service manager, head and lead chauffeurs, mechanics, detailer, and chauffeurs. Communication is a must and can not be violated in any way, shape or form.  Communication plays a very high role in this position.
  4. Daily scheduling and dispatching of the chauffeurs and maintaining a list of on call and “ready” chauffeurs is mandatory 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This includes making sure all runs for the next day are accounted for before leaving your shift.
  5. All unusual activity must be noted in the Operations daily activity book and bible. This includes marking the bible for all late runs, no shows, vehicle breakdowns, or any other unusual activity.  Complete the employee activity report when applicable.
  6. Monitoring of and stocking of all roses, champagne and cider, balloons, chauffeur’s promotional materials, etc. will be Operation’s responsibility. Having a firm knowledge of the products, the amount to keep in stock, and confirming and signing of purchase orders is needed.
  7. Complete knowledge and enforcement of all company policies and procedures is required and mandatory dictation of, adherence to and following of each procedure is required. Any problems should be brought to the Operations Manager for write ups.  It is a must that the assistant operations manager needs to be aware that what you are preaching must be practiced.
  8. A clear knowledge of the entire bay area including roadways, restaurants, night clubs and special attractions is a must.
  9. Familiarity of the entire fleet with a thorough knowledge of all functions of all vehicles is a must. Also knowledge of different coachbuilders is necessary.
  10. The Assistant Operations Manager must be able to use the reservation system to make reservations, and have a strong knowledge of the sales techniques. Log, critique and govern incoming contracts from sales.
  11. Scheduling maximum hours in every limousine for present and future reservations will be required to achieve the maximum amount of revenue for the company, always compressing runs on busy days and 30 days out.
  12. Ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the entire facility, including the stock room.
  13. Monitoring of runs throughout the day, ensure chauffeurs arrive in proper time for their runs, and enforce the use of radio codes when the chauffeurs are on the road. Chauffeurs must check in with you when they arrive to ensure they arrive to work on time, as well as when they arrive to the pick up and drop off locations.
  14. Covering all new reservations in vehicles that are already on the road is the ultimate method of utilizing a vehicle to ensure a higher profit margin from each vehicle.
  15. Favoritism in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated. The assistant operations manager is required to take care of those that take care of the company  always following company policy and procedure.
  16. Monitoring the cleanliness and required dress of chauffeurs, including the “outstanding team member” pins as they arrive and return for work.
  17. The Asst. Operations manager will be responsible for the after hours phone at least one night per week.


In the absence of the Operations Manager, the Asst. Operations Manager will be responsible for the following:


  1. Scheduling and closely monitoring mechanics and detailers for accuracy and consistency in their field. Basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics and detailers chemicals is necessary.
  2. Keeping chauffeurs in friendly competition with each other earning maximum overtime hours and sales referrals.
  3. Operations is responsible for providing limousines and chauffeurs up to company standards for all bridal/trade shows. It is imperative that prior to a chauffeur arriving for a bridal/trade show, that they are trained on what is expected of them.
  4. Creating and maintaining contests to achieve more overtime and referrals.


In the absence of both the Vice President of Operations and the Operations Manager, the Asst. Operations Manager will be responsible for the following:


  1. Interfacing with the shop foreman on a daily basis for “downing” limousines with mechanical malfunctions, regular servicing or detailing is critical.
  2. Monitoring the white board for mechanical problems with vehicles on a daily basis to ensure that all limousine problems are cured by Thursday of each week and that by Friday morning every limousine and sedan in the fleet are in tip top condition. Never allow for problems to stay on the board longer than necessary.  Make sure to move problems to the right side of the board on a daily basis.
  3. Monitoring productivity and thoroughness of mechanics and detailers every day ensuring tip top condition of every limousine in the fleet. I.e.:  scratches, dents, dings, scrapes, interior damage and cleanliness of the fleet.  The operations manager is ultimately responsible for any unaccounted for damage to any of the company vehicles.
  4. All problems, complaints, vehicle breakdowns and other issues that arise are ultimately the responsibility of the operations manager. It is strongly recommended that communication with the Vice President of Operations or General Manager for input is acquired before making a final decision.  (both are available 24hrs/day, 7 days/wk. – no question is a dumb question.)



The individual in this position must have excellent communication and organizational skills.  A  very strong foundation has been established at LeGrande Affaire limousine service and nothing but expertise and preciseness is expected.  The individual must be able to listen, maintain a very detailed list of daily duties including all problems and correspondence and follow up on all activities and respond to all issues.  Operations must never allow things to pile up.  This person will be heavily relied upon and must be able to make quick, accurate and precise decisions.  This person must be able to juggle many tasks simultaneously and still be available to handle new incoming immediate runs and any problems that arise unexpectedly.  He must be able to interface on a professional level at all times with a variety of different personalities all the way from detailers to chauffeurs to customers.


The Asst. Operations Manager is a very visible, powerful and highly respected position.  This power and visibility must never be abused or taken advantage of.  The Asst. Operations Manager must be a team player whose enthusiasm and dedication to the company must be the example of which the entire team follows.


This position is one that requires a lot of attention and a good amount of dedication of time.  It is not recommended that 80 hours per week is put into the position but rather that a system is put into place and followed routinely.


LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. is open from 7:30AM until 11PM Monday through Friday. 8:00 am to 11:00pm Saturday and from 9AM until 9PM on Sunday. A fifty to fifty five hour work week will be scheduled during these operating hours. LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. will try to accommodate your schedule needs to the best of its ability. Time off and vacation requests must be submitted on time off request slips, at least two (2) weeks in advance, to the VP of Operations. Submitting a request for time off does not guarantee that the request will be honored. LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. will try to accommodate your requests to the best of its ability.


There are two (2) pay periods within a month, from the 1st day of the month through the 15th day of the month and from the 16th day of the month through to the last day of each respective month. Payroll calculations are based on these time frames and pay day falls on the seventh (7th) day after the end of each pay period. Checks are distributed at 3PM on the 7th day. The only exception is that if the 7th day falls on Saturday or Sunday, pay day will carry over to Monday at 3PM.


The initial rate of pay shall be a salary of $____ per month, payable during the normal pay periods as outlined above. There will be a performance evaluation after 90 days of employment.  If all areas of the contract are being performed at all good to excellent standards, the rate of pay will be adjusted to $____ per month for the remainder of the year.  At the end of 1 year of employment the employee will receive a performance review.  These will continue on a yearly basis.




All new employees are placed on a 90 day introductory period. During this period, the employee will be instructed and familiarized with company protocol regarding policy, equipment & computer usage, paper work flow procedures, operational procedures, industry overview, with all necessary introductions and related functions along with various industry specific information.


On the 91st day of employment the employee is eligible for a performance evaluation. Comprehension, capability, compliance with company policy, ability to advance along with all other job related concerns will be determined during this evaluation. Performance evaluations will be scheduled to take place annually, after the initial evaluation. Additional evaluations may take place for advancement, disciplinary, performance monitoring, or any other purpose deemed necessary by upper management. LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. reserves the right to terminate employment opportunity immediately with any service representative which displays disregard for, or poses a threat to, company personnel or equipment. Additionally and foremost, failure to comply with company policy shall be grounds for immediate termination.

This employment agreement may be terminated at any time by either party.  This position is considered an “at-will” employment.


Upon completing the 90 day introductory period, the full time employee will automatically be added to the company’s current health plan at no cost to the employee. Additional family members and dependents can be added and will be at an additional cost to the employee for which the employee authorizes LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. to deduct the cost  for the dependent(s) from their paycheck. The employee may opt to enroll in LeGrande Affaire’s supplemental accident insurance after completion of their 90 days.  LeGrande Affaire does not pay for this benefit.  Furthermore, LeGrande Affaire offers a 401K retirement plan at 180 days.


The following schedule is the standard vacation plan that is offered by LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. starting with the first year anniversary. Any variation to the vacation plan must be approved by management. A request for vacation must be submitted on a time off request form at least two weeks in advance. It is recommended that a vacation time off request be submitted as far in advance as possible.

One (1) week paid vacation after one (1) year anniversary of employment.

Two (2) weeks paid vacation after a two (2) year anniversary of employment.

Two (2) weeks paid vacation per year thereafter.

Vacation time does not accrue until after the successful completion of the first year of employment.  Vacation time will not accrue the first year of employment.



All employees are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times while on LeGrande Affaire Limousine Service, Inc. property. Clothing which is found to be distracting, or less than desirable, such as tee shirts, pants with holes, clothing that have racial or offensive slogans, clothing which is revealing or any other objectionable form of clothing that does not present a professional appearance is not acceptable any time you are on the premises. On Monday – Thursday, professional clothing with a tie, and business dress for women is required.  Friday – Sunday, casual clothing that is professional and clean in appearance is required.



At the sole discretion of the General manager, the Asst. Operations Manager may receive up to a  $_____ quarterly bonus, depending on performance in the following.  Bonus structure does not accrue.

  • Following this job description 100%.
  • No write-ups or other negative performance problems during the quarter.
  • No late arrivals to work or from lunch.
  • Any days off must be submitted in writing two (2) weeks in advance. Missing work without 2 weeks notice will result in loss of bonus and daily pay.  Emergencies must be verifiable.
  • Maintain excellent communication with the Operations Manager, Vice President of Operations and the General Manager daily by voicemail or written letter.
  • Ensure that all chauffeurs follow company policy.
  • Complete all task in a timely fashion without being reminded of the same issues.
  • Assure quality work from your peers.

This bonus structure can be modified/cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of the General Manager.


Any employee for a period of 1 year may not solicit or perform service for any customer of LEGRANDE affaire limousine service.  Any employee may not use LEGRANDE affaire limousine service’s customer list which is provided in the form of trip tickets, lists, and/or computer data base.  These lists are the private property of LEGRANDE affaire limousine service and are strictly confidential information not intended for any other party’s use.  All operational functions, reservation and sales techniques developed by LEGRANDE affaire limousine service are considered trade secrets not to be used in any other limousine industry position.