Answers to the Most Common Questions for LeGrande Affaire

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions concerning our company, its structure, policies, services, chauffeurs, and general operations. The answers have been excerpted from the company’s official literature. Click on a question to view the answer.

How do I know my reservation is being handled properly?

One of the key reasons LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation has experienced such great success is the unparalleled Reservation Team. Staffed with professional and highly trained personnel who receive ongoing training, our reservation department provides courteous reservation and consulting services.


Recognizing the need for an expedient and accurate reservation department, LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation was the first company to utilize the speed and efficiency of a specifically designed, computerized ground transportation reservation system, which remains unduplicated. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day with the help of our staff and automated system. Our staffed office hours are 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. All reservations are confirmed immediately either by mail, telephone or fax, to assure their accuracy.


Another feature of the reservation department, in conjunction with the operations department, is that all of the automated reservation system information is reproduced by a manual system used as foolproof back up against error. Additionally, LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation offers information about the various services we provide with a state-of-the-art Cindi II+ automated attendant that is easily accessed and utilized with your touch-tone telephone. We have found that the operational systems formulated and used by LeGrande Affaire Limousine Services’ reservation department have proven to be the best in the industry. These systems are often imitated by our competitors but can never be duplicated.

How can I be sure that the car I get will be clean and operative?

Vital to LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation is the function and performance of the operations department. Reservation fulfillment is performed by this department as well as maintaining the responsibility for vehicle maintenance and detail. ‘Timing is of the essence’. Realizing this fact, an operational system has been perfected to handle all reservations utilizing a process that ensures that the chauffeurs are properly prepared and on time for all scheduled services.


Communication is maintained with the chauffeurs at all times during service via a two-way radio system. Every chauffeur is equipped with an immediate response Nextel cellular telephone with nationwide service. Furthermore, our chauffeurs are equipped with a GPS system.


The fleet maintenance is performed by our staff of ASE certified mechanics on monthly and mileage schedules that cover over 168 safety and functional performance tests to assure that every vehicle is always kept in “top-notch” electro/mechanical condition and reassuring safety standards.


A team of professional detailers performs their duties on a specified daily detailing schedule. The entire fleet is detailed bumper to bumper on a weekly basis including a complete waxing of the exteriors and shampooing and conditioning of the interiors as well as daily washings and detailing as necessary.


By adhering to the maintenance schedules established we can always assure our clients that each and every vehicle will always be in “show room” condition.

Is there a Non-Smoking Policy?

The entire fleet of LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation are strictly non-smoking vehicles. If during a charter the client chooses to smoke, our chauffeurs are instructed to, and will locate a safe area where the client(s) can exit from the vehicle and smoke outside of the vehicle.

Am I guaranteed the vehicle I want?

LeGrande Affaire will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific vehicles, however, reserves the right to substitute any vehicle with another vehicle of the same or larger size when necessary.

How and when will I be expected to pay for your service?

Several methods of billing are offered by LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation to our clientele:

A state-of-the-art computerized billing system allows flexibility for billing which best fits our clients’ individual needs.


Your billing may be established with any of the following options:


  • All charter service is pre-paid.
  • Airport & transfer service can be billed or charged to the passenger at the time of service.
  • Airport & transfer service can be billed or charged to the company at the time of service.

Where would I go to find a list of services your company offers?

A variety of specially designed ground transportation services are prearranged and available to satisfy the needs of our clients. The following list of services is currently offered by LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation and are, by no means, the limits of our service. Custom tailored ground transportation service can be arranged to satisfy all of your specific needs.


Visit Service Packages to learn more.

Is there any good way to compare limousine services?

For your convenience we have published a COMPARISON CHECKLIST

Feel free to print this Comparison Checklist for use in selecting your next Limousine Service.

Can I be absolutely certain that my chauffeur will be well qualified?

LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation has generated a noteworthy effort to attract, train and develop solid, professional, certified chauffeurs. All LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation chauffeurs undergo extensive interviewing, classroom training and testing, along with a minimum of 36 hours of comprehensive behind-the-wheel training. Additionally, a complete reference check is made on their driving record to ensure there have been no violations, arrests or convictions along with a reference check on work ethic, attitude and professionalism.


Proper licensing in accordance with the PUC and DMV is mandatory for all chauffeurs. The DMV monitors our chauffeurs with a pull notice program. In the event that there is any activity on a chauffeurs driving record we are notified immediately to address and correct the issue. Furthermore, all Chauffeurs employed by LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation are subject to random drug testing.


An on-going training program is in effect along with motivational programs geared at keeping the level of service offered to our clients clearly focused, professional and absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best chauffeurs in the industry.

Will there be someone I can contact if plans change or if I have any complaints?

LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation recognizes that for a service-oriented business to succeed there has to be a direct communication link with our clients, especially if a service concern needs to be expressed by a client. The primary function of our Customer Service department is to send a written confirmation for all reservations and to receive and follow up on all courtesy questionnaires that are mailed to all of our clients along with a thank-you card. The purpose of the courtesy questionnaire is to monitor service performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the courtesy questionnaire is used to monitor and reward chauffeurs for exceptional service rendered to our clients.


We are happy to say that service concerns are very infrequent, however, should one arise, we are prepared and have procedures to address and satisfy any concern. Realistically, any organization that claims to be problem free may be less than truthful. We always strive to provide the best service possible, in all considerations, and in doing so have reached a standard of consistent performance to which other ground transportation services aspire.


Another very important function of the Customer Service department is to provide a constant flow of solicited and volunteered customer information to the management of LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation Management uses this information for it’s on-going process of training, refinement and development. By staying abreast and in tune with our clients we are supplied with the information that continues to help keep LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation at the forefront of Customer Service and on the cutting edge of the Ground Transportation.

What is the reservations process?

All reservations are based on availability. Reservations can be made for ground transportation either by telephone with a reservation agent or by faxing or emailing a completed reservation request form to the corporate reservation department. All reservations will be assigned a confirmation number.


The reservation agent will give a confirmation number to you when you call in your reservation. Faxed and emailed reservation requests will have the confirmation number on the contract that is faxed in return to the client for confirmation of the reservation.


All non-corporate/retail reservations require a 1/3 deposit that is secured by credit card, cash or check (except airport transportation). Corporate reservations have various options depending on the status of the account.


If LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation amends the reservation policy with a client, the amended reservation policy will be provided in writing.

What is the corporate billing policy?

The billing policies of LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation are as follows unless a billing option is selected and specified by a written addendum.


The standard monthly statement of billing for accounts receivable is cut-off on the last day of each calendar month for all service rendered prior to 12 o’clock midnight of said day. Full payment shall be due upon receipt of statement. Failure to make payment within ten (10) days of the statement closing date will subject applicant’s account to a finance charge, which will be computed on the average daily balance, at a monthly rate of 2%, annual percentage rate of 24%.


(Refer to terms and conditions specified in the application for corporate account credit line)

What steps have you taken at to accommodate the specific needs of your corporate clients?

Realizing the importance of your ground transportation needs, LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation has unique systems that are in place to accommodate the specific needs of our corporate clients. We have invested considerable time, effort and capital to conceptualize and implement unique operational procedures and systems which make it possible for you to efficiently schedule quality ground transportation for you and your staff.


Simple to use reservation request forms have been developed to be used on our dedicated facsimile line, attended by corporate reservation agents to expedite your reservations. Email and web based reservations are also available. When you fax or email a reservation request to us, we fax back to you a copy of the completed reservation as a confirmation of your reservation request’s content and for accuracy. This reservation system allows your travel staff to arrange for all your ground transportation needs with a minimal investment of time and designed to maximize accuracy.


Additionally, LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation has a lenient cancellation policy specifically designed for our corporate clientele. The policy has proven to be very reasonable and accommodating. We dedicated a great effort to develop and implement systems that make it extremely easy, efficient and pleasant for you to arrange all of your ground transportation needs with LeGrande Affaire Worldwide Ground Transportation.

Can the vehicle still be decorated in bad weather?

While we make every effort to make your trip as pleasurable as possible, natural weather conditions such as rain, hail or storms can make it difficult for us to decorate the vehicles from the outside which is normally done on the request of the customer especially on occasions like birthdays or bachelor parties; therefore certain restrictions may apply in this case and we will inform you if this occurs. Please call ahead and speak to one of our courteous customer representatives who can further explain these conditions to you.

What is the "Red Carpet Service"?

While our chauffeurs try their best to make your trip a memorable one, this service can sometimes NOT be applied due to certain restrictions and natural factors beyond our control. Restrictions on the “Red Carpet Service” apply in case of bad weather, muddy areas or parking issues especially in places like San Francisco. Other factors also may hinder this service.