• Green Vehicles
  • In our constant effort to offer the Bay Area’s most expansive and diverse fleet of first-class, chauffeured vehicles, LeGrande Affaire is proud to present some of our most recent eco-friendly additions. As technology continues to improve, more of these electric and fuel-efficient hybrids will be able to offer the right combination of power, comfort and reliability to meet our high standards for your riding experience. Please contact LeGrande Affaire to reserve one of these exciting vehicles, or to learn more about our commitment to a greener future.

    Imagine an electric car that with a range of 285 miles, the lines of an Italian sports car and the performance to get from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Meet the Tesla Model S. LeGrande Affaire is very excited to announce this new addition to our fleet for your riding enjoyment. Aside from being a serious head-turner, the Tesla represents the state of the art in fully electric automotive technology. The powertrain uses only one moving piece – the rotor – and delivers a breathtaking 416 horsepower. We believe the Tesla Model S is the perfect marriage of clean tech and high performance. Book this one early! See more of the Tesla or reserve this car

    Edmunds calls the Mercedes Benz Sprinter “without question, the most spacious and accommodating full-size passenger van.” That is very high praise and we agree! LeGrande Affaire was so impressed with the Sprinter that we’ve added one to our fleet. This 11 passenger shuttle comes with a turbo-charged 3.0 liter diesel engine utilizing Bluetec exhaust-scrubbing technology, which meets or exceeds the most stringent EPA standards. Each Sprinter also comes with stability and traction control for greater safety and a smoother ride. The Sprinter shuttle represents the latest in Mercedes Benz engineering and we expect high demand for bookings!
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    Our Chevy Suburban comes with all the comfort, style and technology you’d expect from LeGrande Affaire, but this 6 passenger SUV also delivers full-throated power with flex-fuel technology. The Suburban’s Vortec 5.3 liter V8 can run on both standard fuel or E85, which is a blended fuel with 85% ethanol/alcohol. Ethanol is renewable fuel that burns cleaner, with lower emissions than standard gasoline. We believe reducing the country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels is a good idea, so LeGrande Affaire continues to add to our fleet vehicles that are built with that idea in mind.
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    Some people might think that “fuel efficient SUV” is a contradiction in terms, but our custom Chevy Tahoe with GM’s hybrid operating system, proves otherwise. The Tahoe is considered one of the most fuel efficient, full-sized SUV’s on the market with power and torque that exceeds what you’d expect from a vehicle built for good mileage. The secret to Tahoe’s fuel economy is in the control module, which monitors the drive system hundreds of times per second. It delivers exactly the correct gas or electric performance based on the driving conditions. This is a truly exciting hybrid, and LeGrande Affaire’s customization allows for seating of up to 18 passengers.
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