A Committed Partner

November 2, 2017 By Comments Off

I am the Director of a nationwide DMC located in Scottsdale, AZ. We were recently awarded the transportation for a program based in Santa Cruz in mid-July. This includes round-trip airport transfers for every guest.


I contacted several providers in the San Jose region for price quotes. Le Grande Affaire provided a concise, competitive quote & Kimberly’s persistence sealed the deal.


On June 13th, I submitted a manifest with the flight info & the requested vehicles for over 60 guests. By the end of the day, Kimberly had reserved & confirmed every transfer. She even suggested alternative vehicles for departures that would be more efficient. I was very impressed, but there was more to come!


My client promised that there would only be a few revisions and that the manifest was 99% complete. However, I received an updated manifest on Monday (6/20) that contained over THIRTY additional reservations. These included cancellations, additions, & flight changes. Kimberly had to assign additional vehicles, upgrade vehicles to accommodate larger groups, & cancel existing reservations. She worked diligently throughout the week to complete the schedule. I called several times to assist her with potential challenges, but Kimberly re-assured me that everything was fine. She just wanted to carefully assign vehicles & prepare an efficient schedule.


I checked with Kimberly this morning & she was proud to announce that each guest’s transfer had been reserved with Le Grande Affaire’s existing fleet. I asked when I would receive the confirmations, and Kimberly replied that I would receive them after every reservation was double-checked.


This program begins in two weeks and the airport transfers are under control. I am sure that there will be the obligatory last-minute changes. But thanks to Kimberly’s dedication & commitment, I am confident that our client will receive first class VIP service.


I look forward to future endeavors with Kimberly & Le Grande Affaire. The commitment to developing a partnership with your clients is commendable & appreciated!