Yahoo! HR Learning & Development Team

My name is Lynda Larsen and I work at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale. In this crazy
world @ Yahoo! it's rare that I would take time to write a letter about a
contact I had with a vendor ... but I just had to stop and take a few
minutes to do so today. Your employee, Kimberly Soller really impressed me!
I needed transportation for a team of execs on 4/20 (tomorrow). I had
contacted SEVERAL other transportation vendors last week (suggested by
colleagues). I was unimpressed with the representatives I spoke to on the
phone, and the level of service was less then desired. UNTIL I did a
search on Yahoo! Yellow Pages and found your company.

The first contact with a company is key and I had to write to tell you
that my first impression of LeGrande Affaire was incredible. Kim Soller:
WOW! She was professional. She was knowledgeable. She was willing to do
whatever she could to accommodate my request. She was able to put me on
hold and confirm availability REAL TIME. She was kind. She was friendly. I
received an e-mail confirmation within 20 minutes of our phone call. WOW!
She certainly left a LASTING impression.

In the future, if I need transportation services ... I will call LeGrande
Affaire FIRST. I hope that Kim is providing training for other employees
who work with your customers (or potential customers). Kim is what
customer service is all about. I hope you are doing whatever you can to
retain Kim at your company, her departure would be a tremendous loss to
your company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having someone like Kim at your company.

Warmest regards,

Lynda Larsen
Yahoo! HR Learning & Development Team
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