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Biography - Phil Restivo

Phil Restivo, founder and president of LeGrande Affaire, has an interesting story of how he has succeeded in an industry where so many others have failed. What are his secrets? His motivations? His inspirations? And his vision for the future?

Seeing how poorly companies in the limousine industry handled customers and their limousines, Phil believed he could develop a company whose sole focus was total service in an elegant package, and do it the RIGHT way. With this philosophy, Phil began Expresso Limousine, his first limousine company, in 1986, and quickly grew it to the largest limo company in the area. In 1995, Phil sold that business in a deal he could not refuse.

After further honing his concept and ideas, he began LeGrande Affaire. Phil’s vision, perfectionist attitude, and accountability have been the driving forces in his success. His belief in the perfect product with the perfect service with the perfect personnel has catapulted LeGrande Affaire to become the largest limo company in the Bay Area in just over one year. An Amazing Feat!!!

Phil’s focus on vigorous training, a state of the art facility, sending out spotters to assure quality services, simple thank you letters to all his customers, and never double booking limousines has increased his ability to grow his customer satisfaction and business in such a short time period.

Phil’s vision for LeGrande is in its infancy. He plans on growing the concept regionally beginning with San Francisco and Sacramento by 2002. Eventually franchising the concept is where Phil believes his future and future of the industry lies.

But there is nothing more gratifying for Phil than seeing one of his limousines drive down the street filled with happy customers.